Gerald Chassang

Managing Director

Gerald Chassang began his career as an investment advisor in New York in 1999, and relocated with his family to Tampa, Florida in 2004 before creating Suncoast Global Financial Advisers in 2013.

While maintaining great relationships in New York with his clients and affluent professional ties in the City, Florida and the city of Tampa in particular became home to a strong growth strategy and working relationships with a vibrant expending population attracting many investors and opportunities to the region.

The Tampa Bay area is a fast growing region and Suncoast Global Financial Advisers is developing a faithful client base and a strong network of professionals and high net worth individuals that are the foundation of SGFA investment and Insurance business.

The creation of Suncoast Global Financial Advisers (SGFA) came as a natural transition to the industry need for unbiased investment recommendation. Since 2013 SGFA has grown his clients base in the Tampa Bay area as well as in Maryland.